Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Humanity Is Showing-AGAIN!

I hate it when this happens. I go along for a while-humming to myself-strutting through life-thinking I'm "all that" and then one of Life's reminders comes along to humble me. Here's the latest episode of "As The Ego Plummets."

I strolled into work and found one of the heroes from our newspaper standing in my office. I had never met him before. His name is Brian Patrick and he is a news-anchor for one of the Cincinnati TV stations. He also writes a couple of columns for our paper.

I was still out of breath from my ascent up the 2 story grand staircase of the RiverCenter Tower. It was a mild day, so I had just a casual fluffy jacket on over my office attire-nothing attractive. My hands were full with a big Kroger bag (filled with books and my lunch), my purse, and an umbrella for impending rain.

I greeted him-he apologized for being in my office, but he was waiting for the editor and didn't know where to go, because every office was taken. I introduced myself, fumbling with my bags to have a free hand. He said he was sorry to be in my space-I offered for him to stay, but he decided to go to the conference room to wait.

I went to the powder room before I started my day, and to my chagrin, when I looked in the mirror, I found that my lipstick had stained not one, but two of my teeth! This NEVER happens to me, so why today? I'll tell you why. So I could know, once again, that I'm not "Miss Thang" and I realize I'm just human.

Hopefully, Brian won't be appalled by my humanity, and will see the humor in it, like I did. And I'm sure we will meet again when I have my act together. Tee Hee!

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