Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Memory of the Day

Today I want to remember all the yummy foods of the Christmas Season, from my childhood.

My mom and Elaine Rubemeyer used to get together every year to make various candies and breads. I especially loved Mom's peanut brittle, peanut butter fudge, bon bons, and walnut toffee. I thought it was cool when she made Molasses Oatmeal bread in small cans-and the end result was delicious. She also made date nut balls rolled in coconut that became the item I requested most.

Grandma Mary made the BEST macaroni and cheese. She made so much of it, that she had to use a big turkey roaster pan to fit it in. Her boiled custard with real whipping cream was a smooth seasonal drink, using punch cups for a festive touch. And her blarney stones (sponge cakes, iced and rolled in peanuts or coconut) was to die for. One year I attempted to make the blarney stones, and realized just how much hard work they were.

I hope to make the boiled custard drink this year for one of our gatherings. I will be resurrecting other old recipes as well as trying out new ones.

Tis the season---to cook!


Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Sounds like you have some fun memories - reminds me of making pie when I was about ten with a lady who was probably in her 50's. Her name was Waunita Holcomb, and she must have been a friend of my mother, who was only in her 30's at the time. How did I get the privelege of making this memory with this woman? My brother and sister stayed home. I can't imagine, but it's a pleasant memory! Check out my blog about Christmas and Traditions for more thoughts on Christmas memories.

Wade said...

I just have to say this: Grandma Mary’s blarney stones were the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my life. And they were perfect every year. And the custard drink she used to make? Absolutely addictive! But she made it so rich, it was all I could do to finish a second “helping”! I can hear her now, asking who wanted some more. Music to my ears.

I had forgotten that Mom and Elaine did Christmas baking together, until you mentioned it. I often tell Japanese people about Mom making about 15 different (no lie) kinds of candies, cookies, and assorted sweets before Christmas and boxing them up to give to friends of the family.

Anonymous said...

Elaine and I shared many good times, but when Christmas is approaching, I really miss her and the candy making days we had. We would always make our standard fudges,etc., but would get adventurous and try new kinds of candies. Some were okay and some absolute failures, but we would just laugh about the spoonable candy. We bought "on sale" sugar and other supplies for a couple of months prior to candy making day, so that we could afford to make as many kinds as we wished. Another favorite late fall memory of mine is that Alice and I would go picking up pecans, giving half of our loot to the owners, at Aunt Minnie's friend's place in Illinois. I always loved that, it was like Easter egg hunting to me and still is, but now I have my own trees and don't have to give half away!