Friday, December 09, 2005

Are You For Real?

Russ passed this story on to me; it happened to someone in our church (so this isn't an urban legend joke being passed off as the real thing):

A little girl was starting to wise up about make-believe. Her tooth fell out, and she took it to her daddy.

"Dad-I'm getting older now. I've got a few things figured out. So be real with me, you and Mom are the Tooth Fairy, right?"

The father and mother had always promised themselves they would be totally honest with their children, so he said, "Yes, darling, your mother and I are the Tooth Fairy."

The little girl said, "I knew it! And, while we are being honest here, you all are the Easter Bunny, too, aren't you?"

"Yes, you have guessed right."

"And Daddy, at Christmastime, Santa—"

—The father thought for sure she was going to have him come clean that he was Santa Claus as well, but before he said anything, she completed her sentence.

"I know you can't be Santa Claus because Santa gives WAY nicer gifts than you and Mom would ever give me!"

The moral of that story is: let's all give way nicer gifts than others would expect of us!

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