Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Gift-Hearing from Friends & Family

I'm grateful for the gift of communication. It is especially important during the Christmas Season. I love getting all of the letters and cards from all over the country. It is so hard being away from those I hold dear to my heart during the holiday season, so hearing from them helps, just a little bit.

Yesterday I wrote my own letter to send out, and hope I'll be in touch with loved ones I haven't heard from in a while. Maybe my aunts and uncles will share the notes with my cousins, and I will hear from some of them. You just never know-a person can hope!

I look forward to those cards-even the e-greetings I receive on e-mail. And I love having Instant Messages with those I care about.

So, today I recognize the gift of communication-a true gift.

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