Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day Church Service

Christmas Day church service at Florence Baptist Temple, Burlington, KY was special. The auditorium was packed out, and the ushers added at least 35 extra chairs as more and more worshippers filed in.

The choir kicked off the service with "Good News, Great Joy!" Then, the congregation sang a single verse of various carols. A newborn infant was dedicated to the Lord. A soloist sang, "Come Let Us Worship The King." The choir sang "A Celtic Christmas," which was a river-dance style Christmas song-very catchy! More carols by the congregation. Then a trio made up of the pastor's wife (Sharon), Russ, and me, sang "The Carolers Song." (Mom you will remember this as the song sung by Marcus, Donnie, Mike, and Greg when the wise men made their entrance in Fellowship's pageant.) Pastor gave the Christmas sermon, including a humorous list of gifts NOT to buy your wife, and another of what not to buy your Mother-in-Law. haha! Then, the most touching time of the service: our Christmas gifts to Jesus. At the foot of the platform was a crèche containing strewn hay and an empty manger. While a young girl sang, "Happy Birthday, Jesus," and a man dressed as Santa bowed at the scene, we filed by with notes written to Jesus on a special card, which we placed in the empty manger. On the cards were two questions: our birthday wish to Jesus, and our birthday gift to Jesus-a commitment for 2006 (like a goal). Another man rolled a birthday cake with a candle to the front, as well. It was interesting to watch people solemnly proceed to the front. As soon as they caught sight of Santa worshipping, many broke into tears. It was very touching, and we all had no doubt what this special day was all about.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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