Thursday, December 29, 2005

Culture Stew

While shopping at Target on December 26th, I admired a silver menorah and considered buying one (culture mix #1-a Christian can appreciate a Jewish holiday!). While at the end-cap, a young Asian family wheeled their shopping cart near mine and I overhead a young girl I guessed to be about eight say, "Mommy, I want a menorah."

Her mom just sort of shook her head, but the girl's (what appeared to be about) 12 year-old-brother said, "No silly, we're not Swedish." (culture mix #2 & #3-An Asian girl wanting a Jewish symbol, followed by brother referring to the Swedes!)

The mother, who was trying so hard not to get involved, made a funny look. Brother asked, "We're NOT Swedish, ARE we?"

And mother replied, "A menorah isn't Swedish, it's JEWISH."

Brother said, "I knew it was one of those ISHes!" (tee hee-this one made me snicker under my breath-we can't always be spot on with our word choice-poor Brother!)

Then Sister, who was taking it all in, changed her want to a need, "Mommy, I NEED a menorah!" (This is a whole other commentary on life, having a hard time differentiating between needs and wants.)

To which Brother replied, "Silly, we're not Jewish," getting the word right this time, and glad for the chance to rehearse saying "Jewish." Mother smiled approvingly, knowing they finally got the on-the-spot cultural lesson complete, and she could move on with her shopping spree.

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wade said...

That is funny! I halfway suspect that the brother knew all along that the proper word was Jewish and not Swedish, though. I’ve met lots of people with that kind of sense of humor, even kids. It sounds like something Taishi would say, in fact. We are joking all the time. He can joke in so many different ways as a result. I’m sure he has a lot of kids (and maybe adults) around him wondering if he is serious half the time. Kind of like me, LOL.