Thursday, December 01, 2005

Memory of the Day

Socks Repurposed as Mittens!

Today, as I bundled up to face the whipping cold wind and cold vehicle for the wintry drive to work, I thought back to my childhood years. We did not dread winter weather, but rather PRAYED for it! We played out-of-doors for what seemed like hours. When our mittens and socks were soaked, we went back inside and put our wet clothing in front of our wall furnace. Then we fueled up with hot chocolate, and hunted for warm socks to put on feet and hands. Back outside we went!

We had snow angels and snow forts to make; snow balls to throw; and even playing with the slushy dish of Bud's water dish was fun. I imagined I was a character in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House on the Prairie" as I stirred muddy, slushy water for "stew." Bud got new water before we went back inside, and we got more hot chocolate!

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Wade said...

Gosh, your memory is a lot better than mine. I can remember most of that stuff, but had forgotten that we used socks as mittens sometimes.

I wish we had more snow here in Mito, but not as much as we used to have in Louisiana!