Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Village

When I was quite young, I think around 6 years old, Helen and Hiney moved next door to us, all the way from Wisconsin. They adopted us as "grandchildren" and did a pretty good job of making us feel special. They talked different than us, and I'm sure we talked different than them! haha!

I remember the first year Hiney invited us over at Christmastime to view his Christmas tree and village, and other decor. I truly felt like I had stepped into some magical Christmas spell. He spent hours upon hours building this elaborate scene, adding to the collectibles each year. A round mirror was placed on a mechanical lazy susan, and the village was situated on the frosted glass as it spun around. Seems there was a neat train moving around the tree as well. The entire affect was spell-binding.

It was with great sadness, when we lost Hiney in about 1970, and Christmas was never the same in Helen's home. Helen gave me some of the ancient wax ornaments used on the tree, as well as some of the glittery birds with tails made of filament. I used these ornaments to this day, as my way of continuing Hiney's Christmas tradition.

We are all blessed by those we meet along the way. Let's not get so caught up in what we have to get done that we miss the specialness of just "being" with those in our path.

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wade said...

I had forgotten Hiney’s name! And the special scene he created around their Christmas tree. I wish we had pictures of that. I still have a wooden box they gave me that has Chinese writing on it, though at the time I just knew it was not English or another Western language.