Monday, December 19, 2005

Made with Love

"Homemade" means "Made With Love"

Today's Christmas memory is about some very special Christmas gifts. Mom made homemade clothing for my doll babies and my Barbie dolls. They were one-of-a-kind couture garments. Not designer knock-offs, but the real deal!

A couple of my flashbacks include:

-Mom used special bridal fabrics and laces to use for a Barbie doll wedding gown-a friend who worked for a bridal garment factory gave us the materials.

-Mom and Dad purchased a small suitcase in which to put all the "made with love" garments-I later used that same suitcase for special outings.

Thanks, Mom for dressing my special "friends" in designer fashions. I know miniature clothing is a trick to make-thanks for making them with love.

(Later blog entries will talk about my dolls and also about the clothes Mom sewed just for ME!)


wade said...

Gosh, I had nearly totally forgotten about those Barbie clothes Mom used to make for you! They really were special gifts.

mom said...

I did still have some of those patterns unless I gave them to you at some point in the last few years. My eyesight and arthritis wouldn't allow me to do such tiny things now. You know that I enjoyed making all those things and took pride in trying to make them look good.