Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2006 Goals

-"365 Ways To Know God" by Elmer L. Towns, with husband Russ
-Prayer Journal

-Develop mentorship goals with those I mentor
-Coordinate/Facilitate Women's Ministry events and Bible Studies
-Equip-U classes (lead various 6 week classes)
-HomeBuilders Class
-Music Ministries

-Lose 60 pounds (or more)
-Exercise at least 4 times a week
-Eat mostly from diabetic diet/portion control

-Read 15 books or more in various categories (don't get in a rut!)
-Learn more about MS Word and MS PowerPoint and page layout

-Keep in touch more with family and friends
-Develop more friends in the community-especially our cul-de-sac
-Entertain in our home twice a month (often using the Dinner-8 invitation)

-Mentor Carmen Rockett-edify her as a writer/a Christian/a friend
-Finish Laundry Room
-Buy and train a puppy/dog
-Online Critique Groups

Living Out Loud:
-Book at least 4 speaking engagements
-Record CD
-Print booklet
-See at least 70 articles published
-Pursue self-syndication of column
-Do mass-mailer to 50+ pastors/WM directors
-Register at a WM speaker's site

More Discipline:
-Time allotment

More Passion:
-Ministries (see above)

1 comment:

wade said...

This is really an admirable list! To be honest, most years I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. If I do, it is usually to simply be a better person. (A Japanese friend asked me just today, Jan. 16, what my resolution was, and that is what I told them.) And sometimes I don't even think about resolutions until after New Year’s Day! Does that mean I have to wait until the next year? Haha, of course not! That’s why I don’t really place much importance on it, because resolutions can be made any time. In fact, I don’t really get too excited about the midnight countdown on New Year’s Eve, because I think of the division of time into years as simply a way to account for the Earth’s movement in the solar system and the four seasons. It is good that we use this division to look at ourselves and think of how we can change, but again, I think we can change for the better at any time.

Most people can’t keep their resolutions, but if making them forces them to try harder, that’s a good thing. I remember one year I rather arbitrarily decided I wouldn’t drink any soda. It was when I was still in high school. I will never forget that I lasted all the way to July, but then one day in July, when it was super hot and I was mowing a yard for somebody, I couldn’t resist when they offered me a Coke during break time!

That was the best Coke I’ve ever had!