Saturday, December 17, 2005

My 7 Sevens

7 Sevens

My friend Carmen tagged me in an assignment to answer the following, called, Seven Sevens. Thanks, Carmen for the idea! Why don’t you all, the readers, try this assignment. It really makes you think!

Seven Things to Do Before I Die.

1. Make a singing CD.
2. Be published in at least 100 different places.
3. Speak for at least 100 different events.
4. Visit Japan.
5. Go on an overseas missions trip.
6. Go on a cruise.
7. Mentor at least 25 people in various fields.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

1. Swim under water (only can surface swim)
2. Play the piano or guitar
3. Speak a foreign language
4. Ice Skate or Ski
5. Put down a book that has a good story line
6. Read bass clef
7. Remember a joke

Seven Things that I Admire in my husband:

1. How he follows the Lord regardless of the circumstances and bounces back from adversity and trials.
2. His character and integrity.
3. His work ethic.
4. His desire to help others.
5. His teaching/preaching skill and insight.
6. His passion for music.
7. His sense of humor.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. Trust me.
2. No way!
3. I love you.
4. Honey
5. Girlfriend
6. What’s wrong?
7. How are you?

Seven Books (or series) I Love

1. The Bible
2. Happiness Is A Choice
3. The Five Love Languages
4. Bad Girls of the Bible & Really Bad Girls of the Bible
5. Chick lit books like Yada Yada Prayer Group & Sisterchicks series
6. Anything by John Grisham or Mary Higgins Clark
7. Anything by Warren Wiersbe or Charles Swindoll

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again

1. Radio, also Rain Man and I am Sam
2. Sixth Sense
3. The Preacher’s Wife
4. The Green Mile
5. Finding Forrester
6. Man on Fire
7. Antwone Fisher

(and my added category) Seven things I hate:
1. When salespeople are rude
2. When a driver cuts me off in traffic
3. Bad weather when I'm driving
4. When people think they can lie to me
5. When children/youth are disrespectful
6. When people have a martyr's complex/pity party-WHINERS
7. Getting older

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

This is great, Kathy - it's so fun to learn what makes people tick. Interesting how you love many books on serious topics, while you write humor! Hubby and I are reading The Five Love Languages - we're enjoying it, too.

I can't remember jokes either!

Blessings! Carmen