Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

"Today is your birthday (rock 'n roll riff)
Happy happy birthday (rock 'n roll riff)..."

Okay-so maybe you can't hear that in your mind's ear, but it is playing loud and clear in mine. I'm 43 today. Funny, I don't feel any older. Life sneaks up on you that way, doesn't it?

Husband Russ let me open my presents early, so I could wear them on my "special day." He gave me a velveteen brown blazer, brown tweed cuffed gauchos, and brown glittery frilly blouse. AND a $50 gift certificate to shop at Torrid, in the mall, with the promise of a shopping spree tonight when I get off of work. I'm headed that way now. Our Sunday School class also gave me a $50 gift certificate to Torrid so I will for sure have some new work and church clothes after tonight!

I received an e-greeting from a missionary wife, and another one from one of my publishers (with my freelance work). And I received a "Happy Birthday" e-mail from my close friend Amy Mills. It's always good to hear from her!

And-today isn't over! But this post is-so I will sign off for now, with more "observations on life" to come.


Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! Wow, sounds like your hubby has good taste! And you're so young - I've been 43 for two months now! ;0)

May God bless you richly during your 43rd year. May He cause His face to shine upon you and help you fulfill His callings and your dreams, and may He give you peace.

Your grateful student, Carmen

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! Enjoy your shopping spree! I wish for you a blessed and fruitful year to come as you continue serving the Lord.

mom said...

You began your job of teaching me how to be a mother on that day you were delivered into this world, we both survived those lessons in the school of life. Happy Birthday!