Saturday, December 03, 2005

Magical Morning Lights

There's something almost "magical" about waking up to the brightly shining lights in a dark room as I enter in the morning.

We completed our Christmas tree and foyer decorations last night. I stared at them all evening. There was a sense of "grounding" to have Christmas up in OUR house-the last three years didn't seem like Christmas without them up-we just weren't settled wherever we were. We brought out ornaments as old as our marriage-some newer. Every year we pick up something. The tree becomes almost a scrapbook of our lives together-memories shared along the way. When we went to bed, we turned off the lights.


This morning when I woke up, Santa had turned on the lights before he left home, and I was blessed to walk in to this almost magical scene. I was mesmerized and dumb-struck by the beauty of it all.

Christmas is coming to the Williss this year. I am blessed already-if I don't get a single gift!

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