Monday, December 05, 2005

A Look at Special Gifts

This Christmas Season, I'd like to take a look at some of the special gifts I've been given over the years. Not necessarily tangible gifts, but valuable, for sure.

Today, my gratitude is expressed for the gift of hope. What life is worth living without it? Hope keeps me going when no other motivator will. Hope illuminates even the darkest of days with glimmers of possibility.

I have a hope of eternal life that is unwavering. That's stability.
I have a hope of a life filled with purpose. That's responsibility.
I have a hope of fulfilling relationships. That's accountability.

Hope fills my life with beauty. It tells me I will have my needs provided, alleviating all worry. It comforts my soul with peace when the world tells me all is lost. Hope is not dead. Hope is alive and well.

To have this gift, you must embrace it. The beautiful gift-wrapped package of hope is sitting at your feet now. Have you untied the ribbons, ripped off the paper, and opened the box?

The best thing of all-there is always enough hope to go around-never a shortage. To create more, share your hope with someone who is feeling hopeless. Hope multiplies.

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