Monday, June 28, 2010

A Man Named Cec

June has been designated as Cecil Murphey Appreciation Month, and he's come to my mind several times throughout the month. You can go to his website to read his official bio and hear about his 100+ book titles. CLICK HERE.

I want to tell you why he's special to ME.

Cec didn't know me from Eve, yet from our very first time of meeting, he has encouraged me. He listens to me and asks my opinion on issues, like what I think MATTERS. He teaches by showing me through example, rather than lecturing me. I can watch the way he lives each day to learn about the industry, about matters of faith, about life.

Cec shows me the importance of paying it forward in life. When God blesses (and He does!), rather than hoarding it, it's time to share those blessings with others. Not just finances, but time, and talent and other resources. Cec isn't the typical philanthropist. Yes, he donates funds to all sorts of worthy causes. But more than a monetary philanthropist, he's a philanthropist of the heart.

Here's how I know that--he writes me and asks for me to send him updates, and says he's praying for me. Not just at that moment. He prays for me DAILY. I must admit, I'm not even sure *I* pray for me daily! Do you realize just what a gift that is? He knows so many people that if he prayed for them all daily he wouldn't have time to do anything else. So his gift of time in prayer for me is the most generous thing he has ever bestowed upon me.

Cec isn't all bubble gum and cotton candy inside. He's got some grit about him. He dubs himself the curmudgeon. I think that's what I like about him. He's the real deal. He's genuine. He doesn't try to be something he's not. And he brings out that same transparent quality in others he mentors.

One time I spelled Cec's name wrong and he called me on it. I typed "I will spell Cecil Murphey correctly" 100 times and sent it to him. We both smiled. And you can guess—I never spelled his name incorrectly again! He has an "e" in his last name, and don't you forget it!

I am blessed to be one of the MANY who knows Cec Murphey. The man with a heart (AND a smile) as big as Texas!

(Kathy Carlton Willis)

To read a current interview with Cec, by SORMAG, click HERE.