Friday, December 23, 2005

Letter to Santa at age 7

Mom sent me a .jpg of the actual note I wrote Santa when I was age 7. I thought it was precious and cute-and I didn't ask for much. But Russ found it to be hilarious. Here's why:

First thing on a list was a walking doll-that was the only believable thing on the note to him, because I still love dolls. Although, as maternal as I started out-we still don't have a family of our own! And I'm actually very content with just the two of us.

Then there was a purse-and I am not "into" purses like some of the women these days who simply MUST spend $400-$800 on a designer purse. I'm still carrying the purse my sister-in-law Kana gave me a few years ago, and I love it!

Next on the list was coloring books-I guess Russ "bought" that one too. But then I wished for a set of dishes. I still LIKE dishes, but he thinks I don't FILL the dishes often enough to suit him. I guess I need to cook more often! :-)

Finally on the list was a sewing machine. I haven't sewn a complete outfit since 1994, and have been "sewing-machine-free" since 2002! (And trust me-I didn't even go through withdrawal!)

I'm just not as domesticated as I started out at age 7. Oh well. Life gets in the way! haha!

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wade said...

We were so lucky to live in a small town, where we could all get our Santa letters published in the Louisiana Press-Journal. I noticed on their Christmas edition on their website ( that they still print all the kids’ letters. It seems they stopped publishing the Clarksville, Eolia, etc. social reports some time ago, though. Too bad; we always got a kick out of seeing who had visited Uncle Lewis and Aunt Jean and who they had visited!