Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let It Snow?

Today we are predicted to get 3-7 inches of snow, slowing the city to a crawl at rush hour. If the snows of Missouri overnight are any indication, it looks like we will be buried under a blanket of snow by bedtime.

I requested coming in to work an hour early so I can hopefully leave before the bad stuff descends on the roadways. I have effectively avoided commuting in snowstorms since 1988, and so my skills are a little rusty. I've driven in light snow, but nothing of this magnitude for 17 years!

I remember when I was a kid, and we used to PRAY for snow-days. We gave no thought to transportation. We just knew it meant a day off from school, and a day to play in the white stuff. Wasn't it great to not have the stress of adulthood? Our biggest dilemma was which friend to call to go outside and make snow angels.

Even when I was a teen, I remember Russ and I wanting to spend the day together on a snow-day. So, he started walking from his house, and I started walking from my house. Seems we lived about a mile-and-a-half apart from each other. We met midway, then decided which house we wanted to crash at for the day. THEN it was romantic. NOW it would just be a recipe for achey muscles, stiff joints, and a runny nose!

Even thought the snow is pretty, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I just keep rehearsing in my mind that some of this white stuff is necessary in order to have a beautiful four seasons. I missed that when I lived in the desert of New Mexico. And I missed it in the semi-tropical region of Vidor, TX. Maybe if I just keep telling myself, over and over like a mantra, that this is part of the four seasons, I will learn to love it again. Not just survive winter, but learn to thrive in it!

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wade said...

Yes, my perspective on snow has changed totally, too! As I wrote in a comment to your post about playing in the snow, Mito doesn’t have much snow (maybe 2-3 times a winter, just a few inches each time usually), and I do wish it had more, but not too much more. I had to drive in a lot of snow and slush last year when we drove to the Mt. Bandai area right after Christmas (near the Aizu Wakamatsu Castle, on the DVD I made), and I was on pins and needles. No thank you!