Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Glasses

I just had 2 more Christmas flashbacks-I hope I can describe them. I remember two Christmas type glasses we used only at Christmastime. Wade, do you remember these? Maybe you can describe them better. We had mugs of Santa's face, that were bumpy on the outside to make out the shape of his facial features rather than smooth like a coffee mug. Seems Mom let us use these for hot cocoa and perhaps, but I'm not sure, we left one out on Christmas Eve for Santa with milk in it (oftentimes, milk from our Mennonite farmers). Mom-who gave us these mugs? The other glass was a large red glass goblet that USED to have a Santa head made of fabric or felt on top of it, and it was filled with candies. But, it was in the same style as the clear goblets we used for our homemade ice cream, so soon it was borrowed at other times of the year, and it no longer was a Christmas tradition. My memory is foggy on this-maybe Mom can clarify.


wade said...

Yes, I remember both kinds! The Santa mugs were small, for a child, and porcelain. The large goblet was made of thick glass and I think it was, as you said, exactly the same size and style as the goblets we used for ice cream in summer time. The difference was it was tinted red glass, at least the bowl part was. Like you said, it used to have some felt on it, maybe for Santa’s beard, or hair also, but over the years the felt came off or was taken off and only some threads remained stuck to the glass here and there.

mom said...

Will post here what I e-mailed to you before I was able to post on the blog. The Santa goblet was decorated by my Aunt Lois and sent to us for Christmas.It was neat that she would think of us for gifts because she had six grown children and many grandchildren at that time. I just don't remember who gave the little mugs, seems like Granny, but have a hole there in that space.