Thursday, February 23, 2006

Time Machine Memory Tour-H.S. Sophomore

So much happened this year, it will take two entries to complete.

From the middle of my freshman year, to the middle of my sophomore year, I enjoyed dating around, without committing to just one boyfriend. This allowed me to learn about the different types of guys, and to also learn about how to deal with relationships. A few weeks before my sophomore year, our marching band began to rehearse for the football games. I would be the new high school band majorette, which included doing the full-field direction. I had a lot to learn, because it was so different than marching for parades. It was also awkward because the upperclassmen again had ill-feelings about an underclassman having this honor. If they only knew how much work it was to try to please Mr. Christy! So much pressure! At these rehearsals, I met a new guy. I knew him from when I was a child, but he had been away at a Christian School for a year, so I had never met him in high school. His name? Rusty Willis. When school started, he hung-out before school in the same classroom where I was accustomed to being, and we had mutual friends. Later this information will come in handy...

I tried out for "The Sound of Music," and again I made it only to the chorus-line. I really thought I had a better voice, but maybe it just wasn't my time to "shine." I was glad to just be a part of the process, and we were thrilled to have a new teacher: Mr. Conrad. He was also attending our Methodist church. And I know several of us girls had school girl crushes for the first time in a long time. We figured out his age, and thought for sure it wouldn't be all wrong to date him (in our young minds we could rationalize it). You can imagine our disappointment when he attended the Homecoming Dance with his FIANCE!

I attended the dance with Tom Griffith. He was a year older than me, had red hair, and played saxophone. We didn't have a connection, but he was a nice guy. He didn't realize the connection was missing, and attempted to kiss me good-night. I turned my head just in time, and he caught my cheek. Sweet guy, just not MY guy.

Then came December. I had begun flirting with that Rusty Willis guy before school. One morning, I hit him with my cloth purse, being a little sassy in response to something he said. That night, he called me at Teri Wilhoit's house, to ask me out to a church gym night. He said, "You seem the athletic type, and I thought you would enjoy going with me." I was not anything at all athletic, but Russ was. He was hoping to impress me by shooting hoops! I said "yes." But then I went home and realized that I was scheduled to babysit for two families, and would be getting double pay. It was the money I was planning on using for Christmas gifts, so I couldn't back out of a commitment, and I wouldn't anyway because of the principle of the thing. I had to call Rusty back to explain the situation. He told me later that he had half-a mind to call Teri up and ask her to go instead. I'm so glad he didn't have a FULL mind to do it! It might have changed history.

Instead, we made plans to go to a basketball game together, and later to a party that the Weese's were hosting at the Hercules Club. I even remember what we were wearing for that first real date together. I had on a silky emerald green blouse and tan dressy slacks. Russ had on a baby blue denim sports jacket and platform shoes. He was AWESOME (still is!).

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