Thursday, February 23, 2006

Customer Service Woes Again

So frustrating! You know the post office mailbox lock problem? It has worsened.

I'm expecting some important medical records via the mail (from other states) as well as some payments for articles I've written.

Keep in mind, I got mail last on Friday.

Well, they fixed the lock on Tuesday. One problem. They left us the wrong keys. Russ and I both tried all 3 keys they left us, and none of them fit at all. We tried the next day, thinking maybe we were just being goofy or the lock was sticking due to weather. No luck-not even the same shape. Russ took the keys back to the post office. He asked again how we could get our mail. No luck. Tough luck. They said they would get us the right key in the next day or so, and then we could get our mail.

I called the post office today, explaining that we needed the mail-not just wanted it. And that the last time we got our mail was last Friday-and now it is Thursday. That is too long to make someone wait for mail without giving them an alternative. They said the mail carrier had brought the keys back and tried them, and they worked and they didn't know what our problem was. I told them that she was not being truthful because two people had tried those keys on two separate occasions before returning them. Then I said, that they had a customer service problem, each time placing the inconvenience and blame on us rather than doing all in their power to make things right. Then the staff guy said it sounded like we needed to speak with the postmaster. He will be in in an hour, and I will call back.

I'm guessing the mail carrier replaced two locks on the same day and switched the keys by accident. Both returned the keys and complained. To cover face, maybe she switched the keys back and said they worked all along. Who knows? But she didn't bring us the keys she said worked when she came back to check to see if they worked-didn't place them on a rubberband and hang them on our doorknob like they did the first time, and didn't knock on the door even though I was home all day. So-she says the keys work-but she didn't leave them for us to find out on our own and hey-maybe GET THE MAIL!

This is going on way too long.

Can you believe customer service these days?

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