Thursday, February 23, 2006

End of Post Office Story

I called the postmaster, and he wouldn't even hear of the hassle this week has been. Just said it would be taken care of immediately. No apology. Could tell it was a hassle for him, and he wanted to be rid of the situation more than wanting to help. I pulled the blinds so I could watch the mailbox across the street. I witnessed a postal worker pulling up in a private car, to fix things. Then, she started walking to my house. I figured, "Okay, here is my apology." WRONG! She didn't even ring the doorbell. She just placed the new keys on a rubber band and placed them on our doorknob. No phone call to let me know it was resolved. If I hadn't been watching with my own eyes, I would never have known when the job was completed. I did go outside, the keys worked, and the mailbox was stuffed FULL of mail, including two books that filled the space, and some important mail. I would think good customer service would have caused the postal worker to hand deliver the mail to my house, along with the keys, ring the doorbell, and apologize for any inconvenience from this past week of not receiving mail. Dream on!

Good news though-in the mail were two books for me to write book reviews on. One of the books is a book I've been wanting to buy, so I'm thrilled! There was also a paycheck from The Sunday Challenger for my freelance articles. They paid for all but one article, but at least they are moving in the right direction of getting things paid off. They paid extra for another article, so I'm not sure how to handle things from here. Will e-mail the editor and let him decide.

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