Friday, February 03, 2006

Grateful Gratitudes

So much for which to be grateful! Isn't our God good? Even when circumstances are yucky, God is there. He is the one constant in our ever-changing world. We are blessed-I am blessed!

I'm almost finished with this week's daily barrage of medical procedures/tests/exams. God has provided some neat stuff to happen even with the medical personnel each place I go-bringing His broken people to me.

I'm grateful for a renewed relationship with my father's sister, Aunt Deanna. A great woman of faith who lives in Iowa. E-mail makes the distance bearable-as we share our lives with each other. A real treat!

I'm blessed with opportunities to write. I'm now a columnist for an online e-zine called My column is called "Grammar 'N Style." This is a paying gig! Other paying opportunities to write have also surfaced, and so now I'm faced with at least eight or nine deadlines a month. I love it!

Jazzy (our 10 week old Boston Terrier) is not being too much of a handful-a real blessing this week with all that is going on. In fact, she loves to snuggle. Her warmth is better than any heating pad and her velvety fur is softer than any blanket. She is a gift.

We have every reason to be a grateful people, even when things don't go our way-no matter what I go through, I always remind myself, "It could be worse!" And, if worst case DOES happen, (which is inevitable for all of us) I get to be with Jesus. Now is that so bad? :o)

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Your gratefulness, even after all the medical hoopla encourages me! I'm glad for all your writing ops!