Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Example of a Complimentary Letter

I wrote this note yesterday to the hotel where we had our Spa Retreat this weekend. The hotel coordinator was concerned because we had trouble with our heat. I wrote her back:

Dear Kathy,

Our Spa Retreat event went without a hitch. It was awesome! The accommodations of the hotel were terrific, and the wait-staff helped us before we even asked. Brad did an excellent job of making things work out for us. Yes, the heat was a problem for us-it was either too hot or too cold in the conference rooms, but we made do. It all worked out.

Of particular note that impressed us was when we had a snack time in Campbell 1, and there were not enough chairs for everyone. The wait-staff noticed this and brought in a rack of chairs before we even said anything. We were impressed!

The only real problem we had were four male guests who were drunk and sat at the Upper Terrace all of Saturday afternoon. They stared down every woman as she passed, and said lewd comments to each other about the women, or what they would like to do to the women... My guests got a little frustrated by this, so I called the front desk and spoke with Bobbi. She let me know the men had been there for 2 weeks, and they had nothing to do. She said she would have security speak with them. The way she handled things was very professional, and I was grateful for her intervention on our behalf.

I could go on an on about examples of why we were pleased. The food was excellent, the service was superb, and the facilities were all we had hoped for and MORE.

Is there someone we can write to put in a good word for you, Stephanie, Bobbi, Brad, and the others?

Kathy (too)

Kathy Carlton Willis
Florence Baptist Temple, Burlington

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