Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sisterchicks Down Under-by Robin Jones Gunn

Today I finished book #2 for 2006. I picked it up yesterday and completed it today, so it is an easy read. It is called _Sisterchicks Down Under_, by Robin Jones Gunn. This is my third one in the series, with more to read later. The book would be in the category of chick-lit, or some might even call it hen-lit since it is for middle-aged women (mostly). It is about two 40-something women who meet in New Zealand, each with a reason to start a new life. The book shares their silly antics, describes in great detail their travels, and more importantly, points to the inspiration of their new lives. They find an extravagant love with Jesus Christ and a reason to love others in extravagant ways as well. Intertwined in the book are the themes of forgiveness, second chances, setting goals as mid-lifers, the joy of lightening the burdens of others, and the peace that God gives even when a person is thrust outside of their comfort zone. Though the book primarily focuses on the friendship of two women, it also shows how a marriage survives a work-a-holic husband and a depressed wife. Though this book is not a difficult read, it does have several layers. Like peeling an onion, each layer has a different impact depending on where you are in your own life. The book also has study questions at the end, and would be great for a book club!

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