Monday, February 27, 2006

Jazzy's Upset (noun AND verb)

(Cross Post from My Jazzy-the blog about our 3 month old Boston Terrier)

Russ and I both stayed home from church sick yesterday-maybe we have that kissing disease or something! Jazzy enjoyed the attention from both of us, and we also used the time to really work with her on her house training (she is still having some accidents, but getting better).

Jazzy seemed to sense we were sick, and was extra cuddly all day. So sweet. An added bonus was that her body worked much like a hot water bottle to comfort our aches and pains.

When Jazzy's "daddy" went to bed, I was still watching the Olympic closing ceremonies (excellent, by the way). Russ invited Jazzy up into bed with him. About one hour later, I came to the bedroom. Just as I entered the room, I heard a thud, thrashing around, and Jazzy barking and yelping in pure misery. She was scared and startled and seemingly in pain. I turned on the light, and found Jazzy somehow on the floor, rather than in the bed with Russ. Russ was awakened from a deep sleep, so he wasn't sure what happened. Poor Jazzy lost both bowel and bladder function in her frenzy, and her ears were back like she had seen a ghost. I comforted her, and loved on her, but she was inconsolable.

She came back to bed with us, but it must have been hours later before she really slept again. Every once in a while I would wake up and hear here little whimpers, and she would sit straight up in bed and look at the door. After about the sixth time of looking at the door, I was almost convinced she really could see something I couldn't see!

We'll never know what really happened, but it made for an crazy ending to a laid-back day!

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