Monday, February 13, 2006

Living Out Loud-This Week's Work Week Shaped Up!

My report of the Living Out Loud Work Week:

-Interviewed 10 subjects for a Valentine's Day article. Wrote the article and submitted it to my editor. It was in print on the front page in color, of Section C in the Sunday Challenger, and is online at:
Brainstormed with my editor for art to go with the article-can't wait to see how it turned out!

-Researched Valentine's Day and wrote a sidebar for the above article. They ended up using it as a full article, found on the Faith and Values page of Section C in The Sunday Challenger, and online at:

-Used the above research to write my Wednesday Inspirational Column, using a different angle-which went to print Friday in The Paris News.

-Wrote a column for, which went up today at:
I hope to syndicate these columns.

-Brainstormed with a writing coach about several possible business ventures for Living Out Loud Communications.

-Blogged frequently at:

-Wrote literature for an upcoming Spa Retreat.

-Wrote 2 book reviews for my blog and for (just short ones, but wanted to get my feet in the water every once in a while!)

-Managed 2 online critique groups for writers.

-Received some great feedback from readers, and also from my editors. This always makes my day!

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