Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Example of a Complaint Letter

I sent this to the United States Postal Service today. The letter is self explanatory:

Saturday, 2-18-06, our USPS mailbox (across the street from our home) had a jammed lock (probably someone else had tried to use their key in our box by mistake). Neither of our keys would open the box. We were unable to retrieve our Saturday mail. Sunday and Monday were holidays. We called our local post office first thing this morning, 2-21-06, and were told they could not repair the lock until tomorrow. We asked if we could please have the Saturday and Tuesday mail delivered to our door, since we could not retrieve it from the box. They said the postal worker was unable to do this, but if by chance we saw the postal worker delivering mail to our box, we could go outside and request it. They also did not offer to hold the mail at the post office for us to pick up this evening.

What ever happened to the motto of delivering mail every day the post office is open, no matter the rain, ice, sleet, JAMMED LOCK?

Even if the mail carrier had left the post office prior to our call, couldn't the office call their cell phone to notify them that the family at **** Name of Court need their mail delivered to their door?

We find their lack of concern to be unacceptable customer service, and wanted to report it.

Russ and Kathy Willis

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