Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's Going To Be Awesome!

With all the obstacles of the past month, I am confident of one thing. The Spa Retreat I'm coordinating for this weekend is going to be awesome! We are having 7 seminar speakers and 5 spa service providers, along with 2 catered meals, 1 snack, and all-night snacking at our slumber party. Twenty-five women are coming along for the ride!

But, before this tremendous event starts, there have been lots of crazy things happen, I'm sure to see if I will get frustrated, depressed, discouraged, or give up. No way Jose! Life goes on, this too shall pass, stuff happens, it's all good (how's that for a sentence full of cliches?).

Last night I just had to laugh when my temporary crown fell off while I bit into a soft muffin (no nuts). Russ saw me spitting out the muffin mush, and laughing at the same time, and asked "what's up with you?"

I'm sure it looked bizarre! I just told him, "I'm just getting tickled by this long list of circumstances that have happened this past month. There have been so many of them, it is getting ridiculous. Ridiculously hilarious, that is!"

So, beware of this lady who laughs at sad/mad things, cries at commercials, and sighs from just plain fatigue.

And soon I'll report in on how this spectacular Spa Retreat turns out!

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