Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh no, Ohno!

Last night, Russ and I were watching the Olympic contest called short track skating. It really isn't how fast you skate, but your positioning. The first two of each race advance to the finals. We were cheering for Apollo Anton Ohno of the USA. He had experts believing he could win gold. He was in a solid second place position, which is all he needed to advance. I cheered him on to try to pass and go for first position. Almost as if he heard me coaching him through the t.v. waves, he attempted a bold move to try to pass the leader, China's Li Ye.

Ohno lost his balance. One hand tipped down and touched Li Ye's skate, and his other hand teetered over and touched one of the lane blocks. Because of the bobbles, he lost speed and position, and others passed him up. He ended up fourth for this race, and did not advance to the finals.

Before I realized what was coming out of my mouth, I was screaming into the television, "Oh no, Ohno!" I really hurt for him! I almost felt like it was my fault for encouraging him via the t.v. to try to pass, when he could have been content with second-enough to advance. But this is what America is all about-never content with status quo-always grasping for a goal just out of reach.

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