Thursday, February 09, 2006

Japanese Cuisine

I think my brother, Wade, and I are living in parallel universes or something! First, we both post book reviews to our blogs. Then, we both go eat Japanese cuisine. Of course-I would think that isn't unusual for Wade since he lives in Japan! haha! But for us, although we love it, we didn't have a place near us, until this week! We went for Russ's birthday to a restaurant that I think was called Miyogi's or maybe it was Miyagi's.

The restaurant is small inside, and simply decorated with modern Japanese design. Very aesthetic! The waitstaff served with the grace of the best hosts, providing a calming feel. One room is set up Japanese style, with a large table near the floor, and some sort of padded floor seats all around the table. Before entering that room, customers are to remove their shoes and put them in a special cubicle designed just for this purpose, and there are slippers available. There are two doorways that can be closed, which were screens made with rice paper and the wooden dividers. Next time I go, I want to eat in there, for the full experience!

There was no silverware on the tables, and we didn't see anyone request any. I had learned how to cheat and use the chopsticks while they are still hooked together (the disposable wooden ones are often joined at one end, sort of like tongs). But I got a little clumsy while eating my salad, and the chopsticks broke apart. Now I was FORCED to eat the correct way. It takes much longer, but I did pick it up and was able to eat everything, even the rice! We had great food. Started with a green lettuce salad with ginger dressing. Russ and I really like that dressing. It is thick and tastes like it might have Worcestershire sauce or anchovies in it. Just guessing.

Then we were served Miso soup. I wasn't that thrilled with eating it, because I don't like bean curd products. But, I was still going to give it a good college try. But, crazy me, tried to pry off the decorative top to the 2 piece soup bowl, and tipped the entire bowl of hot soup onto my lap and all over my clothes. UGH! Keep in mind this is Russ's birthday and it is supposed to be a nice experience for him. I ran to the restroom, and they were out of towels. I grabbed the tissue paper toilet seat liners, to try to at least brush off some of the soup, even though it couldn't absorb any of the liquid. My thighs and belly were pink from the hot liquid. But thankfully I was not burned. Then, the wet clothing started to get cold. Ice cold. Weird! I came back out and tried to act as normal as possible, sitting there in wet clothing (I had on 5 garments that managed to get wet in the process!). I tried Russ's soup, and I was correct about one thing, I'm not a big fan of Miso soup. Try wearing that smell for an hour before changing clothes, and you REALLY won't like it if you marginally don't like it to begin with! LOL!

I ordered tempura shrimp and vegetables with sauce, and rice. It came with 3 large shrimp, a few pieces of squash, eggplant and onion. Russ ordered panko breaded pork cutlet served with cold noodles and thin sliced raw cabbage, and rice. I think it is called tonkatsu. Both meals were excellent. We look forward to going back. Next time, I'll pass on the soup. Maybe I'll try the green tea ice cream.

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

I love Japanese, too. In fact, most eastern cuisines tickle my fancy!

Next time take along one of those bibs that has the pocket in front! Sounds like something I would do!