Wednesday, June 14, 2006


• Their wallets contain more photos of their children than of their wives and even their favorite cars.

• If their children do something right, they take all the credit, but when they mess up, they tell their wives, "YOUR child did such-and-such."

• They puff up their chest with pride when their teen son starts to date, but they get the shotgun out when any hormone-raging male comes within 50 feet of their precious daughter.

• They act all tough around their co-workers (gangsta handshake and bad-mouthin the ol ball-n-chain), but when Daddy's Lil’ Gal comes in the room, hearts turn to jello.

• They can fix anything with duct tape. (And it's a good way to hide any leftover screws from critical view.)

• They have a second chance at fulfilling all their life dreams, this time through the lives of their children. Football star? Think potential scholarship. Math wiz? Potential business executive. Computer geek? Potential software designer.

• They are no longer dressed by their wives, but by their teenage daughters who inform them which shirts are disgusting and which ties are an embarrassment.

• Their home theaters or dens have been turned into a fourth bedroom for that nine-month surprise.

• They hate the kids' slumber parties, but when all the kids are sleeping over at their friends' houses, dads are happy campers.

• You can find them crying at weddings-weddings of their little girls all grown up. They'll act like something is in their eyes, but we know it is actually pride mixed with sadness. Just where did those precious years go?

This list is a tribute to fathers everywhere. You may have your quirks, but that's what makes you so special. You make us smile. Your strong character traits amaze and inspire us.

My father passed away 19 years ago, and his impression remains strong on my heart and in my memories. I thank God for his influence in my life. Let's spend this weekend thanking God for our fathers, and letting dads know why they are a blessing to us.

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