Monday, June 12, 2006

My Can-Can Was Jarred!

My dumb luck! ("if it weren't for bad luck I'd have none at all," is the quote I remember hearing from a famous comedien!):

I was having the house cleaned for the second time today by the cleaning company. The first time, my puppy was at the vet, so there were no problems. I'm supposed to keep the puppy secured and out of their hair at all times. I tried putting her down in her dog run, with access via doggy door to the laundry room. She dug out of the dog run and ran to the French doors wanting in. Crying with a pitiful wail. I blocked where she dug out, and put her back in the dog run, and then she cried harder. I tried putting her in the crate, but she went crazy (because she KNEW we were home). She is quite the drama queen. Since she still has stitches from her surgery, I was concerned she would harm herself trying to find a way to be with the humans. So I decided to let her join me in my office, which is not cleaned by the crew.

She needed comforting, so she climbed up in my lap while I was in the desk chair with rollers. She climbed higher and higher, until she was wrapped around the back of my neck and shoulders like a living fur stole. I tried to put her down, but the chair got out of balance, and fell backwards. I crashed to the floor with a puppy leg stuck down my blouse and the rest of the puppy clinging with as much might as she could muster. The impact, as you can imagine, was quite jarring. I hurt. That's an understatement.

Can you believe my luck? I dont' really believe in "luck" but you know what I mean.

What a crazy day. I'm sure it was a hilarious sight. Now Jazzy is fast asleep with her nose stuck to the crack in the door, so she can sniff the other humans in her domicile!

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