Monday, June 26, 2006

My Husband Came Home With 25 y.o. Hispanic

You have to know that my husband always kids me by saying his next wife will be a younger Hispanic woman. We both love the Hispanic/Latino culture and have many friends with those roots.

I went to a Writers Seminar this past weekend. One of the Spanish-speaking women approached me and asked if I was Hispanic or Latino. I think my first comment was, "I WISH!" and then I said, "no, I'm sorry." She was looking for a buddy to attend the Spanish-related classes. I had not signed up for those workshops or I would have gone with her.

Then at dinner, a woman asked how long I had been married. I told her it will be 25 years this year. She had a look of shock on her face. Then she apologized (she realized she had lost that "professional edge") and said she knew it was wrong to ask, but exactly how old WAS I? She said she was guessing I was around 25 years old but she knew that had to be wrong. She was surprised when I said I was 43!

A young lady later on asked me if I was her age. I told her I was 43, and she said she thought I was 25! Haha!

Then, when the conference was over, Russ picked me up, and he had 100 Grand waiting for me. No, not cash, a candy bar.

So, Russ was joking that he brought a 25 year old Hispanic gal home from the conference, and I joked that I brought home 100 Grand!

You gotta have some fun in life!

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