Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Air Licking

Jazzy (our 7 month old Boston Terrier) never ceases to amuse and amaze me. We left her with a friend for two nights while I was at the writers conference. I was afraid Jazzy would overwhelm Gail with attention and she would decide to never dogsit for us again. Instead, when we returned home, there was a note from her saying she fell in love with Jazzy and her antics, and that she was a KEEPER.

One of the amusing antics Jazzy performs is to drag her bed from our bedroom, out the tight doorway, into the hall, all the way to the great room when it is bedtime. She tosses it too and fro and tackles it like she is on a wrestling program. Then she settles into it, going in circles for a lap or two until she is curled up into the fetal position for naptime. Then she grabs a mouthful of the fleece material lining of her bed, as her "security blanket" until she falls asleep. No matter where she falls asleep, if there is a blanket or comforter or something, she will grab a mouthful for nappy time. Crazy girl.

Also, Jazzy likes to "air lick" when she is near anybody. She is hoping to make contact with any part of a human being with her kisses. If you come near her, her tongue is out, lapping the air until she can smooch you! Not just one smooch either. You have to tell her, "Jazzy-that's enough!" Then she goes on to the next amusing antic.

When my housecleaning crew is here, she is supposed to be "secured." So, I either put her in her kennel, or let her go outside. Jazzy is a drama queen for sure, and gets everyone to feel sorry for her. So she was outside the French Doors watching the two housecleaners, beseeching them with wails and sad looks to entice them to let her in. They asked me if she bites. I said, "No, she will just love you to death." The problem isn't that she is dangerous, but that she thinks they are here to see her. It's all about Jazzy, don't you know? They said I could let her in and not worry about the rule, but I explained that Jazzy would be in their way too much. So, when they were done, we let Jazzy in to greet them and she smothered both of them with kisses. I'm glad she loves everyone and everyone loves her.

We picked a KEEPER!

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