Friday, June 09, 2006

Grateful Gratitude List

My gratitude list for Friday:

1. I'm grateful to have a Lord who wishes to be intimate with me, rather than one who is too busy for me or stopped being active in the lives of humans "thousands and thousands" of years ago. I just wish I was more focused on being intimate with HIM. I'm not as close as I want to be, because I don't spend the time I need to spend in deepening that relationship MORE.

2. I'm grateful for my friend Stacy who gave me a LARGE pile of clothes (it took the entire back section of my minivan). And even more excited for her, for losing 70 pounds (and still losing)!

3. I'm grateful for daytime naps. Where would I be without them?

4. I'm grateful for honeysuckle. It is blooming in shades of yellow mixed with white, with a fragrance out of this world. I keep a few stems of it in a vase, and just throw it out as it wilts and start over so I have a little bit of Spring indoors.

5. I'm grateful for a piece of land we are just discovering behind our backyard fence. We own it, but it has been so overgrown we have never walked through it. Russ is weed-wacking a couple of paths through the "wilderness," a little at a time, until we get to our creek. How fun is this adventure!

6. I'm grateful Russ was able to "find" and "undelete" a few photos from the Children of the World weekend. I thought they were lost forever. We didn't get back all the photos, but the few we retrieved we will cherish!

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