Thursday, June 01, 2006


I went to start a new round of physical therapy today (Wednesday), based on my doctor's latest findings, and ended up with more restrictions than I expected. I cannot do any lifting or bending and must lie prone every 2-3 hours for at least 15 minutes with an ice pack. The position is crucial to take the pressure off the nerves to my legs, and I'm to avoid being in a C-curve at all (bent forward is bad, bent backward is good).

I have a Tea this weekend, so I'm having to delegate even more of my catering and decorating work. Women have been great in offering to help, so I have no complaints at all! In fact, our Sunday School class is coming this Friday night to help decorate (even the men) and then we will go out to eat. They are awesome!

The therapist today said it is essential I get on top of this, to try to avoid the spinal cord stimulator surgery. No fooling! He said that is a very serious, invasive surgery, with many risk factors, and IT is the BEST of my options if the p.t. doesn't work. But so far, at least no cane! yay! I've been overdoing it because I hate to be forced to slow down, but every day the pain worsens so I know I must behave and listen to the doctor's orders (as much as it pains me to slow down).

Your prayers mean the world to me!

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