Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lots to Post

What a crazy week this has been. So crazy, I will post some "venting" posts here because I know you all can relate to the run-around of Life. Perhaps you have your own "vents" you will want to post in the comments section. Post away!

Most of you know I've been dealing with some health problems for a while, and most recently with my back problems flaring, as well as some bladder problems. So I will post about that stress.

I had some good things happen with my writing, so I will post about that in a different note.

One of the good things that happened recently was hosting 2 girls from Uganda in our home for a weekend. We absolutely loved it, and would have adopted them if we would have been allowed to. I journaled about our time, but before I could post it here, I lost my harddrive, and lost it. I had recently backed up my computer, but did not get this journal saved. Also lost all the beautiful photos I took on my digital camera. We are hoping to restore some of the photos, by purchasing a special program. I will type up my journal again, and post it, to share this great experience of hosting the girls with you all.

Some of you may have read bits and pieces of this information in letters. I'm sorry for the repeats, but this is the best way to get caught up.

As always, I appreciate you!

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