Monday, June 19, 2006

Uncle Skillet

NOTE: I wrote my Aunt Deanna (paternal aunt) today, and that note became a seed-thought for this post.

My Aunt Virginia (paternal aunt) recently lost her husband. He passed away at the age of 90. I always knew him as "Uncle Skillet." A week after the funeral, I called her to see how she was doing, and had the best conversation. She shared a lot with me to make me feel like I was there for the funeral, and we had a precious conversation. Almost as good as a hug.

I wish I could have known Uncle Skillet better. He was age 47 when I was born, and often allowed others to talk when we were at family gatherings so I rarely heard him speak. But when he did say something, we all paid attention, sort of like "E. F. Hutton." He adored Aunt Virginia and almost always deferred to what she wanted. I got the impression that Aunt Virginia amused him. He would do anything for her. What a husband!

He stayed young for so long. It's hard to believe he was 90 at his time of death. He could do anything the men in the family could do, even though he was a bit older. And probably the best thing I appreciated about him was that he passed on the same graciousness and kindness to Grandma Mary that he gave Aunt Virginia. He was so good to her! And she seemed flattered by Uncle Skillet's attention. It was a special relationship, for sure.

I could learn from him, to have more patience, to listen more, and defer to the wishes of others.

He lived a long full life. My prayers are extended to the Wornica family during the time of their loss.

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