Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Undo Program

We discovered a great new free computer program to retrieve data that was deleted by mistake. It's almost like the "easy" button that one office supply store sells, only it is the "undo" button. This program allowed me to retrieve some precious photos that were deleted by mistake when my computer harddrive died. I thought these photos were gone forever, so you can imagine my joy when they were returned to my computer screen, good as new. I'm grateful for that program, but it made me think of other things I wish I could undo.

Oh if only I could undo some of the silly and stupid things I've done in my life. I would take back some words said, react differently to aggravating circumstances, and just plain ol' DO BETTER. But, unfortunately, I can't undo what has been said and done. I CAN do better today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

The only One who has the powers of ERASE is our Lord Jesus Christ. It isn't a special computer program that erases our sins so He sees them no more. It is the price He paid with His blood on the cross at Calvary. All we have to do is admit we messed up (like I had to admit when those photos were deleted) and accept the free gift (just like getting that free software program). I'm so glad God is willing to erase my errors and see instead the goodness of His perfect Son.

But you know what? Even though that He sees the purity of Jesus instead of my sin, I am motivated to want to do better. I don't have to do better to earn the program or to erase the bad stuff, but I want to do better because of this gift.

Just like I want to be more careful with my computer data, even though I know there is a program to undo the error, I want to be careful with my words and my actions. And even though I can't undo what was done in the past, I can attempt to repair the damage by approaching the ones I've let down. If I go to them with a humble attitude of remorse and let them know just how sorry I am, maybe I have a chance for a do-over.

I'm so glad God has granted me a do-over, and He has even erased what was done in the past so I can have a clean slate. I want to use that fresh start responsibly. To glorify Him.

Today is a new day!

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Anonymous said...


What great insight, I am helping a friend who is coming through a time of unfaithfulness and this is what we have spoke of. The sin is forgiven although the consequence does remain. DR