Friday, June 30, 2006

How Did You Get Your Hair Like That?

I wear my hair spiked up in the back in a style that sort of looks like bed-head. In fact, a lady once told me, “honey, I wake up looking like that, and I work hard to fix it.”

I told her, “Well, don’t work so hard!”

This past weekend I was at a writer’s seminar, and another woman asked me, “How do you get your hair to do that?” It got me to thinking. Now here is a list of responses I can use:

How Did you Get Your Hair Like That?

1. I slept-walked through a car wash and didn’t wake up until “buff.”

2. A hummingbird forgot to stop flapping her wings before nesting there.

3. I thought I was walking on the fashion runway, and a fan was blowing my hair back, but I was actually on an airport runway and the prop plane was taking off.

4. I thought I was using hair glue to spike my hair. It was actually super glue.

5. I reached for the hair spray, but grabbed the spray starch by mistake.

6. My hairdresser told me to blow-dry my hair upside down. Do you know how hard it is for a 43 year old woman to hang from the monkey bars like that?

7. While watching cartoons, an ACME package arrived at my door. It was a lit stick of dynamite. I lived to tell about it, but my hair will never be the same.

8. My hairdresser said she was going to whip up a new hairstyle for me. I had no idea she would be using her Kitchen Aid!

Kathy Carlton Willis
Living Out Loud Communications and Manuscript Editorial Services

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