Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Broke The Rules

Russ says there is a hospitality rule that you shouldn't try out new recipes on guests. This Monday I broke that rule six times. I think that is a record! I made Ropa Vieja (A Cuban beef and vegetable dish that means rotten clothes), Sofrita (a basic mix to season Cuban dishes, with cilantro, various peppers, roma tomatoes, onion, and lots of garlic cloves), black beans and rice, green fluff, angel biscuits, and flan with real whipped cream.

To greater offend the rules of hospitality, I thrust said menu onto guests new to our home: Gail Hodges and Robert Muchmore. I did warn them though-so does that count as being the hostess with the mostest?

We had an absolutely hilarious time of fellowship, falling into the comfortable camaraderie of companionship. Two couples who each like the other three. How hard is that to find?!

They endured my trial recipes and even declared them keepers (except for the flan which was "different.") The endured my exuberant Boston Terrier even more. Actually, Jazzy was well behaved while we ate, sleeping nearby. But she was the after-dinner entertainment! They discovered why we declare Jazzy "brilliant," as they were equally impressed with her skills and personality.

We planned to play some games, but discussion got in the way. Isn't friendship good that way?

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