Monday, July 03, 2006

Special Independence Day Flashbacks

I have several special Independence Day flashbacks to share to get your own remembrance juices flowing. One of the warmest feelings is created from when we let our minds remember back when--

For me, I remember when...

• we had family reunions in Oklahoma with Mom's family near Redbud Park. It included all things indulgent: distant family wanting to "hug my neck," good cookin', Aunt Billi's latest fashionforward statement (hair and self-designed outfit), fun games at the park, good entertainment on various stages, and fireworks at dark. One year I got an autograph from a singer I just knew would be famous one day (she wasn't). We also got invited to cousin Dawn's birthday parties. Aunt Paula always did a neat job planning them!

• we celebrated 1976 in our hometown. I was 13 and had my eyes on all the cute guys, even though I was supposed to be manning a Girl Scout booth. I tended to get crushes on the older guys, and ended up dating one of them just two years later (Kevin Hampton).

• we celebrated with my paternal family in Clarksville. The cousins made up a talent show, and I twirled baton as my talent. I also remember carrying around trash can lids-not sure if they were symbols or shields, or what. The finale was a little fireworks show, and I was safely entrusted with the sparklers.

• I twirled for real one year with a patriotic parade. Talk about being as hot as the 4th of July-it WAS the 4th of July!

• I've grown up and the years fly by with fewer memory makers. But there are still a few neat times to remember. Like the time we took Muffy (our first puppy) to Red Bud Park (Marlow, OK) with us. Or the years we spent with the Snyder family. Amy-remember putting firecrackers in various food items and exploding them in the pond? Hot dogs were a blast, literally! And last year, friends Stephanie and Mark had us over to enjoy time on the berry farm.

Family. Friends. Food. Fun.

The ingredients from which good memories are made.

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