Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Of course when people prepare for life-changing events in their lives, they have concerns. Their minds are swamped with thoughts rushing in from every direction. The Lord is the calming factor, providing peace. But that doesn't mean He takes the storms away.

So, here are my storms of thought, in no particular order, regarding the upcoming procedure for the spinal cord stimulator:

• Will it work?
• Will it hurt more than I can endure?
• What can I wea that will work with the bandages and the restrictions?
• How will I wash my hair?
• What if I lose my programmer for the unit?
• Will the surgery make my connective tissue disease flare up?
• How long will I take to recover?
• How will I manage my bouncy puppy during this time?
• I hope I don't get any of the risks during this procedure (paralysis, infection, spinal headache, etc.)

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