Monday, July 17, 2006

Grateful Gratitudes

I'm grateful...

1. For music that uplifts. Yesterday in church, I had the privilege of singing "You Lift Me Up" with my husband and two of my closest friends. We used a tape track, but Russ played his baritone during some of the interludes, so it had a very "Titanic" music style. Awe-inspiring!

2. For a fun evening making greeting cards using rubber stamps, with my Sunday School class. We are going to use the cards to encourage others and let them know we care. It was a GREAT night of fun! I think I'm going to go buy some supplies to make my own cards while I'm recuperating from surgery. RELAXING.

3. For an editing project completed today. I love helping writers see their own work "kicked up a notch." Sort of like when Emeril shouts "BAM!"

4. For a P.J. day.

5. For Fritos Scoops and bean dip. Just one of my many comfort foods. Amy-remember our Sunday night snack sessions after church?

6. For family-my nephew Taishi has a birthday this week. Ten years old. Such a milestone!

Are YOU grateful this week? Feel free to use the comments feature to list your own.

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