Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In Jeopardy

Can you hum the Jeopardy game show theme song? If so, you might want to hum a few bars to set the mood for this thought. Now that you are properly warmed up, I want to make an observation and pose a question.

When the contestants are introduced, Alex Trebek mentions a tidbit about each individual. Sometimes a meaningful moment in life is described, while other times he shares a trivial fact that borders on humor. It's fun to hear what these contestants come up with. What is their idea of a fun fact or important incident?

It would be interesting, when with friends or a Sunday School class, to go around the room and each of us come up with what tidbit we would want Alex Trebek to use in way of our introduction. We might learn some amazing and amusing things about our friends, which might not come up in normal conversation. If we had to sum up the personality of our lives with one statement, what would we choose?

In Heaven, God knows all the facts that fill our days and our hearts. How might He introduce us to the Old Testament and New Testament saints? What statement would characterize our lives? Some of those statements might embarrass us, while others might be a surprise. God saw THAT? I did that good deed in private, but God noticed. I had hoped that sin was personal, but I didn't succeed in hiding it from God! He knows all about us and our lives matter to Him.

Here's the good news: we still have time to change what that life statement might be. And in God's eyes, when we come to Him, our sins are blotted out. When I blot out a stain, there might still be a hint of the stain left on the garment. But when God uses His sin eraser (the blood of Jesus), the stain is gone completely.

I wonder how Alex Trebek would introduce me on the dummies version of Jeopardy? But even more importantly, I wonder how I will be announced as I enter Heaven's doors.

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