Sunday, July 16, 2006

MUSIC REVIEW: Everything and More - Story Side B

Story Side B brings something real to the table: songs that are fresh and relatable with a current feel. Each song on Everything and More has the potential to be a single, with inspirational and sometimes melancholy lyrics and contemporary tunes. Their song, “Miracle” was the first hit single to gather airtime on radio, but others from the album are sure to follow.

The play-list starts with "Hold Me Down," a ballad about moving on in life, in the rock alternative tradition. The last song "Everything and More" asks the poignant question "What do you live for? / What do you stand for? / Is it everything you believe and more?"

Newly signed to Gotee Records, Story Side B is led by lead singer and guitarist Lucio "Lu" Rubino, who wrote most of the songs along with drummer Jordan Mohilowski, The group was discovered by the Exalting Him 2003 national talent search, where they finished second. They also won first place the band division. Since then, the band has opened for Jars Of Clay and Out Of Eden. If this CD is any indication, soon Story Side B is sure to be the featured name on the marquee.

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