Sunday, July 16, 2006

Book Review: The Potluck Club-Trouble's Brewing

Trouble’s Brewing, the Potluck Club’s second in a series, is a chick-lit recipe for conflict resolution. The title could have accurately been called “Trouble’s Boiling Over.”

I did not read the first book in this series, so it took a while to get used to the format. Each chapter changed to a new character’s point of view. There was not much back-story to introduce the characters to new readers before launching into the new plot.

After I became acquainted with the characters I learned to enjoy the multiple points of view. Each character brought a new layer to the story and helped me see situations from different perspectives. It was symbolic to me of how easy it is to judge someone and assume the wrong things unless you attempt to see the situation through the eyes of others involved.

Each character was developed in delightfully different ways. Not all were sugary sweet feminine examples of Proverbs 31 virtue. Instead, believable women were placed in unbelievable situations. Humor and mystery were mixed in to the story in such a way I couldn’t help but turn the page.

The members of the Potluck Club learn how to deal with their trials. These burdens come in two varieties: self-inflicted and others-induced. Club members are able to become victorious over trouble spots after risking vulnerability and seasoning their situations with the wisdom of their girlfriends.

The book contains themes such as second chances (future), acts of forgiving a hurt (past), and learning to get along (present time). Some find love where they least expect it while others renew lost loves. The Potluck Club cooks up a recipe to whip gossip and creates surprising outcomes.

All of the recipes mentioned throughout the story are provided in the back of the book, along with a statement from one of the story’s characters. I enjoyed the fruit of the story (life’s lessons) and my entire family will enjoy the fruit of the recipes!

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