Monday, July 31, 2006

Not sure

Please pray for me to have peace one way or the other regarding whether to go through with the permanent implantation of the spinal cord stimulator. I will go back to the doctor on Tuesday to have the temporary leads removed, and he says I should know one way or the other by then. If there is much doubt at all, he doesn't recommend having the surgery. He said I would know for sure if it is something that would help.

The problem is, it does help a good amount of the pain, but it is like trading apples for oranges. Instead of pain there is this tingling sensation that I can't decide if I will like longterm or not. At times it feels good, like a jacuzzi or back and leg vibrator, but at times it feels like very strong piercing pins and needles. I thought it was supposed to HELP a pins and needles kind of pain called neuropathy-but to me this feels similar to it. It is possible that the settings just aren't right for me. I keep trying to play with the programmer, within the parameters that the technician set for me.

Also, I'm still having surgical pain, so it really is hard to tell if this is a good thing or not. I'm just being honest. It is helping about 60-70% of the original pain. They say anything 50% or over is considered a success because there is no way it can block all the pain. And I haven't had the muscle cramps in my legs like I was having from the leg pain. So that is a plus. I just have to decide if I want this paresthesia they call it (or tingling sensation) in place of the pain. It's hard to tell since I'm still having pain from the surgery.

How can anyone really know in 4 days? They say for most it is an instant decision to do it or not do it.

I want to make sure that I'm not just doubtful due to the 8 weeks of restrictions and dependency this would cause. If it will really help, I'm willing to do whatever.

So, will you pray with me as I decide for sure?

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Gavin said...

Hi Kathy

My thoughts are with you through this difficult time