Saturday, March 11, 2006

This Week In Reality Shows

I'm a reality show junky. I admit it! Here is my brief comment about 3 shows I watched this week:

-American Idol
The four who were not chosen to go on to the final 12 by America were in my bottom 6. I would have probably sent Kevin home and kept Gedeon another week, but he would have been sent home soon enough. My comments move on to discuss the Christ-believers on the show. Mandisa is a servant of the Lord. On Tuesday, before she went on stage she did the sign language for "I'm believing God" as taught in a Beth Moore study. That special sumpin-sumpin she has is the joy of the Lord rather than a new illegal drug. Gedeon, when told he was going home, said he was victorious in the blood of the Lamb, and gave God the glory. He had the sweetest spirit, no hint of bitterness. I'm guessing Paris is also a believer. She was brought up in a Christian home (I know that doesn't automatically make you a believer). Her behavior points to having a loving heart. She is a hugger. An encourager. It isn't all about her. So sweet.

-The Amazing Race
I love watching this show because the stunts are interesting and the scenery along the way is breathtaking. There are a variety of personalities showing up. This week two sisters from Texas went home. One of the sisters had a cruddy attitude for most of the episode, and that attitude could have been their defeating factor. Her sister, on the other hand, was all about encouragement and staying positive. You could tell they have a special bond as sisters, but it was not enough to keep them in the race. I haven't learned their names yet-sorry. But the couple who are known as the geeks on the show displayed a true love for each other. I hope they stay on for a while. The two guys who are as goofy as all get-out should stay around for cornball entertainment factor. I'm already DONE with the two guys who are more interested in how much sex they can get along the way than the stunts and the bonding between the two of them. I like the Latino mother/daughter team. The couple consisting of a dentist and his assistant (are they married or just dating?) are not getting along well. He treats her like trash. The older couple are endearing-she has been victorious over cancer and they are both very determined, in spite of their weak physical status. There will be more teams that show themselves to me as we go along the race.

This week Dan went home. His alliance partner, Terry had to vote a different way because Sally was immune and Dan was the weak link in the tribe. He was right to make this decision, and he handled it like a gentleman, discussing it with Dan prior to tribal council. Dan showed over the past few weeks that he was weak physically, and this week he was their downfall mentally at the challenge, so he was the obvious pick to go home since Sally was immune. My favorite part of this episode was watching the other team get to go to the village and enjoy food and entertainment together with the villagers. The children of the village were special. I've noticed each year on Survivor, the team who gets to go to the village ends up having a special strength from having this experience. I was hoping the other team would have been the team to go. At first, I wasn't a big fan of Cerie because she was a wimp with the elements, and because she voted out Tina the first week. But, Cerie has grown on me as I watch her deal with her tribe in a way that is keeping her from being voted off. Shane will be the next to go from his tribe-he alienated his own alliance. Not good. Of course, he has an ability to sweet-talk his way back into their good graces, so who knows? My first pick to win it all is Terry. My second pick is Austin. But they are both underdogs now that their tribe is so much smaller than the other tribe. I'm looking forward to this next week.

Until then, let's keep it real!

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