Monday, March 13, 2006

My Dad

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the passing of my father, Charles Edward Carlton. He was only 52 when he died, and I was only 24. It's hard to believe that it has been that long since he breathed his last breath. Life certainly does go on, even when we sometimes believe it never will.

One thing I had to learn, and which took me about a year or two to realize, is that it is better to remember the 52 years my father lived rather than replaying in my mind the last month of his life-the time when he was fighting to survive. The first couple of years, to be honest, all I could do was rewind the tape of that last month, and there was a lot of pain attached to it.

I'm sure Dad would rather us focus on his good life. So here is a brief description of my dad, with more memories to come later:

-good shower singer, hummer, and whistler
-hard worker
-could learn to do anything he set his mind to
-often quiet
-enjoyed good music
-loved nature, and being out in it-a devoted hunter and fisher
-not afraid to sweat!
-good friend to others-always helping others out
-handyman at home and for elderly women
-melancholy personality
-loved old cars-could see the potential in them and kept them running
-enjoyed going visiting-to friends and family around the area-mostly in Pike County
-but DIDN'T like to leave the area-too stressful
-proud of his biscuit recipe
-attended all of our musical concerts and plays
-taught us how to deal with the stress of getting along with others and how to fight when necessary!
-curse words were in his common vocabulary
-almost always wore khaki slacks and plaid shirts, untucked
-very predictable in some ways, very unpredictable in other ways (odd, huh?)
-always smelled good, hair always in place

I was glad to be his Lil' Gal.

And I still miss him.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, what a thoughtful, tender tribute to your Dad. I know he is proud of his daughter. Yes, life goes on after the death of a loved one, but it's never the same

Ms. Bettye

Anonymous said...

I remember your Dad also. He always talked to me, called me DeDe sometimes, yelled at Bud for barking, came over and sampled chile with my Dad. Your Dad enjoyed Mom's cooking. My family enjoyed the friendship.

David R.